In 2016, abuser Arshid Hussain was jailed for 35 years for 23 offences including indecent assault and rape.

Arshid Hussain from Rotherham, South Yorkshire was one of three brothers behind the grooming and sexual abuse of more than 50 young girls.

One of his abusers, who was just 14 when she met the 24 year old, made an application to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) as a result of her childhood experiences however she was initially denied compensation on the grounds that she was not manipulated or progressively lured into a false relationship. It is not legally possible for a 14 year old to consent to sexual activity so it is questionable how the victim was not manipulated.

The victim later appealed against this decision and was offered a small settlement which eventually altered and she was awarded the maximum amount she qualified for.

The CICA is a government body which has been set up for those who have suffered the trauma of being a blameless victim of a violent crime to award compensation for their suffering.

Research has revealed that there are nearly 700 child victims of sexual abuse, including grooming to be refused payments ranging between £1,000 and £44,000, and as a result the CICA is now reviewing its guidelines which were first launched in November 2012. This review is being considered as urgent to ensure there is no risk to a child who could be disqualified from compensation.

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