ITV tonight will be broadcasting a documentary revealing the true extent of sexual abuse in Boarding Schools across the UK.

The documentary is set to explore the background to hundreds of people accused of carrying out sexual attacks and the dozens of ongoing police investigations.

Alex Renton, Journalist and Author, was sexually abused when he was just 8 years old by a School Teacher whilst studying at a Boarding School.  Renton is behind the documentary and investigates the Private Schools that appeared willing to disregard children’s safety with some schools failing to take action against predatory paedophiles who repeatedly groomed and assaulted young boarders.

The astonishing fact is that some of these abusers got away with it for decades and some still continue to get away with it.

ITV’s exposure made a Freedom of Information request to every police force in the UK. Only 24 responded; however the results showed:

  • Since 2012, 425 people have been accused of carrying out sexual attacks at UK boarding schools

  • Not every force could provide further details but at least 160 people have been charged so far.

  • At least 171 of the total number were accused of historical abuse.

  • Since 2012 at least 125 people have been accused by children of recent sex attacks at boarding schools.

  • There are at least 31 ongoing investigations.

  • Just over half of the forces responded, meaning the total figure is likely to be far higher.

In the programme tonight, a number of victims of sexual assault at the hands of their School Teachers in boarding schools are interviewed and expose the systematic failures that allowed paedophiles to go unpunished. This in some cases permitted the teachers to continue teaching elsewhere in the private and state sector, preying on more vulnerable children; abusing their position of trust.

The reason behind why they got away with it unpunished is due to the reporting of abuse allegations not being legally mandatory at all UK schools!

In order to prevent abuse in Boarding Schools all schools are now expected to have sufficient safeguarding arrangements in place which are checked in regular inspections. ITV’s Exposure has analysed the most recent inspection report for every Boarding School in England which revealed that 1 in 10 schools either failed to meet the national standards, or did not meet the requirements needed to be given a rating of ‘good’.

The Boarding Schools Association represents 90% of Boarding Schools and when asked by Alex Renton what the Association is doing today the protect children the following statement was given by Robin Fletcher, Chief Executive of the Boarding Schools Association:

What I can say is that everyone who works in boarding today is professional, caring and doing everything they can to make safeguarding their number one priority. There’s no doubt, that there was a period where some people at some schools experienced some appalling abuse. And it’s absolutely shocking. But in my experience, there isn’t any school out there which doesn’t want to listen to victims and, where it can, as quickly as possible, say sorry.

The British Schools Association now proposes that it is time for the Government to make it the law that all allegations of abuse must be reported.

Here at Farleys, our specialist team of abuse solicitors have already been instructed by numerous victims of abuse suffered at the hands of teachers in boarding schools across the country.

Unfortunately, victims of sexual abuse will suffer significant psychological harm due to the actions of their abusers, and for these victims we realise there is unfortunately no getting away from what has happened to them however pursing a claim often helps our clients to bring closure to their ordeal and to provide the resources to fund medical treatment and therapy they may require.

If you are a victim of abuse at Boarding Schools, or are representing a child who has been abused, you could be entitled to compensation. Our dedicated team appreciate that it is often difficult to talk about what has happened however we are experienced and dedicated to speaking with you in the strictest of confidence and will deal with your case with sensitivity and compassion and support you along your journey. Please call 0330 134 6430 or contact us by email.