Latest figures from the Department for Transport (DFT) have revealed that Lancashire’s roads are amongst the most dangerous in the UK for pedestrians.  Statistics from the most recent DFT figures – for 2011 – revealed that there were 14 deaths per 100,000 people in Lancashire, Merseyside and the West Midlands, making these the worst places in the UK for pedestrian road deaths.  In other areas of the country, the number of deaths were as low as 5 per 100,000 or fewer.

Road traffic accident figures for 2011 showed that there was a further increase in the percentage of pedestrian deaths on our roads. The percentage of pedestrian deaths as a proportion of the total fatalities was 24%, one of the highest in Europe. There has been great concern at this increase and consequently, a number of regions in the UK have stepped up campaigns to see residential areas be restricted to a 20 mph speed limit.  According to the ’20’s plenty for us’ campaign over 200 places in the UK have now launched campaigns aimed at lowering the speed limit and improving road safety.

Research into road traffic accidents shows that a pedestrian has a 50% chance of surviving after being hit by a car at 30mph compared to a 90% chance of surviving if hit at 20mph.

The statistics regarding the number of deaths on our local roads are shocking and it is hoped that 20 mph campaigns go some way to improving the bleak situation. In many cases however, it will be too late. In a recent case in the news, an inquest heard that a Pensioner from Blackburn had been knocked down and killed when she was hit by a driver who was exceeding the speed limit of 30 mph.

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By Nick Molyneux, Accident Claim Solicitor, Lancashire