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Personal Injury Farleys Solicitors LLP

Back Injury Compensation Calculator

If you have suffered a back injury and are thinking about making a claim for compensation, the specialist team of personal injury solicitors at Farleys can help. Our solicitors have many years of experience in helping clients to successfully claim compensation for back injuries that were not their fault.

Back Injury Claim Solicitors

Suffering a back injury can be extremely painful and depending on the severity of the injury, can have a significant impact on your everyday life. The most severe back injuries can result in ongoing pain, problems with organ function or even permanent disability. It is therefore vital that you consult a solicitor with the necessary experience to act on your behalf in order that the maximum compensation available is obtained.

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If you think you might have a back injury claim, complete our free personal injury claim assessment online.

Back Injury Compensation

Back injuries can vary greatly in severity and it is therefore difficult to say how much compensation a claim could result in. In terms of general damages, not taking into account any other factors such as loss of earnings or the cost of medical treatments, back injury compensation claims can attract:

  • Minor back injury such as a strain, sprain or simple disc prolapse: up to £8,900

  • Moderate back injury, such as a crush fracture or some degeneration: up to £27,700

  • Disc lesions or fractures of discs where there is substantial disability after treatment: up to £49,800

  • Serious back injury which may cause impotence or bladder and bowel incontinence:
    £65,000 – £115,000

  • Back injury resulting in Paraplegia – £156,750 – £203,000

If you are considering making a back injury claim, it is important to remember that the above figures are only a starting point from which any compensation claim will be made. The amount of compensation that is eventually reached also takes into account the cost of medical treatment, any loss of earnings, or any other costs incurred/lost as a result of the accident.

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To speak to one of our lawyers today about making a claim, please call us on 0845 287 0688. We are happy to discuss your claim free of charge and without any obligation. Alternatively, you can submit your enquiry through out online contact form.

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