Statistics released by the RAC Foundation and the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety indicate there has been a 38 percent increase since 2009 in the number of cyclists who are seriously or fatally injured in Britain. In 2014 alone 3,500 cyclists were hospitalised or killed.

Interestingly, whilst injuries among cyclists have soared, there has been an overall decline in incidents among other road users; highlighting the need for improved road safety. Cyclists are often considered the most vulnerable of road users, with evidence suggesting more must be done to secure their safety and welfare.

Concerns over road safety are believed to dissuade a number of cyclists from taking to the road altogether, especially those in inner city areas where congestion and high levels of traffic are an inevitable feature of the urban landscape. In a society where we are encouraged to go green and cycle instead of drive there is an ever growing need to respond to the needs of cyclists, creating an infrastructure that works for all road users.

In Manchester we have seen the introduction of cyclist only lanes along some main commuter routes, although some would argue the improvements are still subpar. Consider Amsterdam for example or Paris, both of these cities have invested significant time and money in ensuring there are safe routes for cyclists through the capital and popular commuter routes. Although fatalities do occur, the number of injuries is substantially less when compared to Britain.

The key is not to become complacent in our approach to road safety, the Dutch have managed to create a successful infrastructure where cyclists and drivers can successfully co exist showing that it is possible, although this has taken years to achieve. If Britain is to seriously cut accident rates amongst road users consideration must be given to current road safety features in place and how improvements can be made. As always the priority should be ensuring the safety and welfare of all road users, one which councils and the Government must address.

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