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Environmental Nuisance Solicitors

Environmental Nuisance Advice from Farleys Solicitors

If you are suffering as a result of an environmental nuisance such as noise or strong smells from factories or landfill sites affecting your enjoyment of your land or property, you may feel it difficult or impossible make a complaint, particularly if the offender is a large company.

However, the law recognises that all land and property owners have the right to enjoy it without disruption. Whether you have suffered damage to your land, property or health, you may be entitled to compensation. Farleys Solicitors have expert environmental nuisance specialists who can assist you with raising a complaint, settling a dispute, or claiming any compensation on your behalf.

Let us take away the stress of dealing with the matter, ensuring that your complaint is taken seriously, you are given the compensation you are entitled to, and the nuisance is removed.

What is Environmental Nuisance?

If a certain aspect of a business in your local area is interfering with your enjoyment of your land whether through excessive noise, bad odours, vermin, or flies, this will be classed as an environmental nuisance.

The types of businesses involved in environmental nuisance claims are often factories, land fill sites, sewage or water treatment works and composting sites which are usually located in urban areas.

Common Environmental Nuisance Claims

• Noise nuisances
• Odour nuisances
• Dust nuisances
• Waste composting
• Pollution nuisances
• Fracking complaints
• Whisky fungus
• Vermin / insect complaints

Group Actions

Often during environmental nuisance claims it becomes apparent that other members of the community have also been affected. As a result, a group action is then brought forward to ensure that all those affected can have their voices heard. Farleys have extensive experience of group actions for environmental nuisance.

If you are considering a group action or if you feel others in your area will have the same complaint as you, please speak to one of our solicitors who can advise you on the best course of action.

Contact an Environmental Nuisance Solicitor

To speak with an Environmental Law Solicitor at Farleys Solicitors call us now on 0333 331 5097 or email us.

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