Many believe that there is more chance of being involved in a road traffic accident whilst in a vehicle. However, pedestrians are perhaps at a much greater risk; especially in terms of the severity of injuries sustained; due to their relative lack of protection compared to other road users. We often hear in the news about pedestrians and in particular children being injured as a result of collisions with cars and buses. Often the injuries resulting from such collisions can be severe – with head injuries and fractures being a common consequence. Pedestrian accidents can tragically even result in death – only this month it was reported that a 14 year old girl was sadly killed when she fell off the pavement and collided with a minibus on a busy main road in Cumbria.

In 2011, there was a significant rise in pedestrian casualties on our roads and recent research has revealed that pedestrians account for 24% of all road deaths in the UK: the highest figure in Europe. Recent Government statistics indicate that there were 203,950 casualties in the UK in 2011, 23,122 people were seriously injured and 178,927 were slightly injured. The majority of accidents are reported to have involved cars or taxis, with only a small minority involving buses and other vehicles. The term “slightly’ is of course an umbrella term, and injuries could include bruising or whiplash. The amount of compensation that is awarded for a victim of a road traffic accident will of course be entirely dependent on the injuries sustained and the other losses suffered.

There can be numerous factors that could be to blame for such an accident, lack of attention to the road, the influence of alcohol or drugs, failure to judge speed or a pedestrian stepping out in front of a vehicle. The Government is constantly campaigning for 20 mph speed limits to be introduced, and this has been adopted by Lancashire County Council with a view to reducing the aforementioned figures in years to come.

If you or a loved one have been injured following a collision with a vehicle and want to enquire about the possibility of making a pedestrian accident claim, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced personal injury solicitors for a free claim evaluation.

By Nick Molyneux, Compensation Claim Solicitor