A recent report from the Marriage Foundation claims that some 45% of all couples who marry for the first time will divorce in their lifetime while just 31% of second marriages will end in divorce.

According to the new research, those getting married for the second time are more likely to find happiness than those getting married for the first time.It was suggested that older couples had a better likelihood of making their marriage work over younger newlyweds, with increased affluence of couples entering second marriage being cited as one of the reasons.

Harry Benson, who wrote the report titled Second Marriages: Triumph of decision over hope?, said that  “When it comes to marriage, age is everything. Couples who tie the knot later in life are much less likely to divorce over their lifetime than couples who marry at an earlier age.’

He went on to say that “One possibility is that higher age is a proxy for higher income. Higher income acts as a buffer against some of the everyday difficulties faced by most couples. Another possibility is that higher age means there are fewer young children from prior relationships.’

The report also suggests that influences such as differences in occupation, ethnicity and income, which are all factors proven to increase the likelihood of divorce, are less pronounced in second marriages.

A further suggestion as to the reasoning behind the figures, and one that would ring true following my experience as a divorce lawyer, is that those entering into a second marriage, having already gone through divorce previously. They can be more motivated to work through their problems and save the marriage.

Any relationship breakdown, be it a first or second marriage, is a diffficult time for the individuals involved. Finiancial settlements from second marriage divorces can be extremely complex, especially where they already involve ongoing payments in relation to a previous divorce or children from a first marriage. Seeking advice from an experienced family law solicitor at an early stage can help you to understand all of your options.

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