Staff retention relates to an employer’s steps to manage staff turnover and retain valuable members of staff. If a business is unable to retain staff, it can experience a number of negative consequences including the recruitment costs of replacing staff and paying temporary agency fees and the pressure that is placed on existing staff when members of the team leave.  Ultimately, it can result in poor customer service.

Things to consider when retaining staff and keeping them motivated:


  1. Recruitment 
    Select individuals who fit the role and organisation is crucial to improving staff retention.
  1. Vision
    Clearly define the business’ vision and objectives so that staff know the aims and objectives of your business to allow you to all work towards a common goal.
  1. Communicate effectively and frequently
    Memos, newsletters, frequently asked questions and regular meetings can all be used to explain the vision you have. Make sure you ask your staff questions and listen to their input and ideas. Regular communication will also mean staff feel able to approach you with any concerns to enable them to be addressed at an early stage.
  1. Meaningful work
    A good salary is obviously valuable to an employee but the passion and drive to carry out a job comes from the work itself. The work needs to be engaging and challenging.
  1. Encourage good relationships between an employee and his or her line manager
    You should ensure that your managers have good people management skills to build and maintain good working relationships with members of their team. Consider any training that may be needed.
  1. Provide feedback to staff 
    This can be a good motivator and feedback should be given to staff regularly not just in appraisal meetings. Positive feedback should be given straight away to encourage more of the same good work and costs nothing.  Negative feedback should also be given in a constructive way as soon as possible in the appropriate environment to allow the employee to correct the situation.  Weekly meetings may be essential on certain projects which don’t have to take a lot of time but can build strong working relationships.
  1. Consider offering flexible working arrangements where possible
    This can help employees achieve a better work life balance so may increase their loyalty and dedication to your business.
  1. Provide a career progression path
    Set out personal development opportunities and upwards promotion to encourage staff to achieve their potential and have goals to aim for to keep them motivated.
  1. Invest in training
    Staff value training and development opportunities to enhance their skills and this is also likely to benefit your business.
  1. Look after your high potential employees
    Consider ways of showing that you value key members of staff.
  1. Small treats
    It is not always possible for an employer to implement generous across the board annual pay rises but other rewards can be considered to motivate staff. To bring people together, you could consider spontaneous small treats such as paying for a take away breakfast on a Friday morning to be delivered to the office, taking a team out for lunch on the successful completion of a project, organising a work night out, inviting staff to watch a sporting event such as a football match at the Euros or Wimbledon on TV during working hours to bring the team together.
  1. Implement a recognition scheme
    This might be for displaying a good example of desired behaviours e.g. customer service or the successful management of a project.  The reward could be a gift voucher or certificate.
  1. Strive to achieve a positive working environment and celebrate success
    This should include an individual, department or the company as a whole. Take the time to consider ways of building team morale in meetings and other activities.
  1. Consider carrying out an employee engagement survey 
    This can reveal key information about your organisation and how engaged employees are feeling for you to then consider what steps you might want to implement going forward.

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