Bo Bruce (Lady Catherine Brudenell-Bruce), a former contestant on ‘The Voice’ has won a High Court battle against her brother, Thomas Bruce (Viscount Savernake), after being denied her share of a £2 million inheritance from her mother’s estate.

When their late mother, Lady Rosamund, died from cancer in 2012, she left Leigh Hill House in equal shares to her children. Thomas was appointed as the executor of their mother’s estate.

Thomas remained living in Leigh Hill House and did not want to sell it. He wanted the property to stay in the family, and he planned to buy his sister’s share. However, Thomas made no effort to progress a buy-out and when Bo encountered financial difficulties she requested that the property be sold, to realise her share of the inheritance.

Bo instructed solicitors and subsequently commenced proceedings in the High Court to remove her brother as the executor of their mother’s estate.

Deputy Master John Linwood concluded that Thomas “ignored his responsibilities” to his sister and labelled the situation as “an unfortunate case of sibling distrust”.

The executors or administrators of an estate are under a duty to collect in all the assets of an estate and distribute them according to the terms of the will or the laws of intestacy.

Thomas was removed as the executor of the estate and an independent executor will be appointed to sell the house and finalise the estate.

Inheritance disputes can occur in numerous ways and sometimes years after the making of a will or the death of the Testator.

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