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Same sex couples await guidance on the division of assets in divorce

The Court of Appeal are considering, for the first time, the issue of the division of assets in a same sex divorce. The case between a high flying financier, Peter Lawrence, and  an actor Donald Gallagher concerns significant assets (over £4,000,000) and higher than average earnings (the financier on £390,000 per annum and the actor  on £100,000 per annum). Mr Lawrence, whose annual earnings reportedly amount to £390,000, is arguing that his actor ex-partner, who earns a relatively low £100,000, is not entitled to a £1.7 million payout following the dissolution of their civil partnership.

The court is grappling with the difficult issue of the lack of children (and potential children) in a same sex relationship – the only different issue to a standard heterosexual case.

Tim Bishop QC, for Mr Gallagher, said it was “inconceivable’ that what was proposed by Mr Lawrence was a fair outcome.

He said that while Mr Gallagher worked intermittently as an actor, earning about £100,000 a year, he played “the major domestic and home-making role’ in the partnership. The actor “helped create and maintain a lovely home in the flat in various ways, soft furnishings, planting on balconies, improvement of layout and fixtures, redecoration.’

The court is likely to hear evidence and the reserve its decision. It will be a historic decision for the gay community and an important milestone with the issue of full gay marriage very much on the agenda.

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