THE team at Farleys have warned against the common misconception that Legal Aid lawyers are less effective or experienced than lawyers in private firms. In fact, the legal community accept that publicly funded matters can often be more difficult to resolve than privately funded ones.

Legal Aid is a system put in place by the UK government, which helps those with limited resources pay for the legal representation they require. The scheme helps people protect their basic rights, regardless of their ability to pay a solicitor’s fees.

Ruth Whittingham, a family solicitor with the North West based law firm, said,

“We wanted to warn both existing and potential clients about the dangers of choosing to use a potentially unscrupulous private firm over a Legal Aid firm, purely due to a common misconception.

Often we see private firms attempt to take advantage of clients by suggesting that Legal Aid firms should be avoided because of the common idea that ‘you get what you pay for’. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our Legal Aid solicitors regularly deal with complex cases including issues involving foreign courts, property or children in other countries.?

Legal Aid offers potential clients the chance to secure excellent legal representation regardless of financial circumstances.?

It is highly likely that Legal Aid will not exist in its current form indefinitely, particularly considering the current economic climate.

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