ONLY 40% of people have made a Will, and over a third of those have done so without using a solicitor, a recent large survey of 2,000 adults has found.

It was found that Will writers were by far the most popular alternative, accounting for a half of non-solicitor wills. Those who decided not to pay anyone for advice preferred to buy a standard Will format from a retail outlet, or write out their own Will at home without the help of any template.

Probate partner Philip Taylor comments: “There are any number of apparently very cheap and convenient options on the market compared to going to see a solicitor, but so often for what is a very important process, they can turn out to be a very expensive mistake.”

According to a report by The Law Society, almost 73 per cent of solicitors responding to a survey had clients reporting problems with DIY or by non-solicitor will writers. In addition as the number of contested Wills has risen approximately 200 per cent in three years, it is clear that the better option is to consult with a qualified solicitor.

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