I was appalled by the scenes of abuse in the Panorama documentary yesterday evening. An undercover reporter had infiltrated a G4S staffing unit and as a result was able to show how some of the most damaged and vulnerable children in our society were being treated.

It is an unfortunate fact that abuse breeds abuse. If children are treated in this manner they grow up thinking that this is normal and treat their own children in this way. The abuse at Medway Secure Training Centre will simply create many more damaged adults who may themselves become abusers.

As a lawyer specialising in these claims on behalf of abuse victims the scenes last night reminded me of many of the cases that we have dealt with – abuse at Rosehill, Redbank, Stone Cross were all similar to the abuse at the Medway Secure Training Centre. The difference is that the majority of cases that we deal with happened decades ago and it is quite frightening that we have not learned our lessons and that this abuse of our children continues.

It is only to be hoped that the Goddard Inquiry will reveal other incidences of ongoing abuse and help us to address this and put a stop to this self perpetuating evil.

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