BBC News last week reported that seven staff members at a Young Offenders Facility in Kent have been suspended following allegations of abuse. Medway Secure Training Centre is run by security firm G4S and looks after 76 boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 17. The alleged abuse is reported to have taken place between October and December last year, all seven members of staff involved are said to have been suspended as soon as the allegations came to light.

The allegations themselves are that seven employees used excessive force on youngsters in their care, including alleged punching, slapping and squeezing one boy’s windpipe. Reports allege that staff punched a youngster in the ribs, slapped one youth around the head several times, and also controlled one youngster by restraining his windpipe causing him difficulty in breathing. It is also reported that staff used foul language to intimidate the children.

All of these allegations are due to be subject to a Police investigation and Mr Paul Cook, Managing Director of G4S, has said in a statement that he is “shocked and appalled by these allegations”. Kent Police and Medway Council became involved following an undercover investigation conducted by BBC TV programme ‘Panorama’.

Investigations will now be conducted by both Kent Police and the LADO (Medway’s Local Authority Designated Officer for safeguarding children).

Clearly if the allegations are proven, those children affected will require support in coming to terms with the abuse to which they have been subjected.

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