It was today announced that the Stepping Hill Nurse responsible for the poisoning of patients in the care of The Stockport NHS Foundation Trust will face a 35 year prison sentence without the option of parole. The disturbing case of the Stepping Hill poisoning generated much publicity when first brought to attention in July 2011 following a series of patient deaths. In light of the criminal trial of Victorino Chua, the nurse responsible for the attacks, the case has once again resurfaced; highlighting the extent of suffering caused to victims.

Following the sentencing of Chua, victims and loved ones are now seeking damages for the harm and trauma caused throughout this horrific ordeal. The Stockport NHS Foundation Trust is expected to face a multitude of medical negligence claims as victims seek compensation, allowing them to gain a final sense of closure.

Typically when we think of medical negligence claims we assume the incident was a case of error or accident on behalf of the professional. What distinguishes the case of the poisonings in Stockport is the repetitive incidents of malicious malpractice carried out with added motive of intent to harm.

In light of the severity of the incidents and the chilling nature of the acts committed, the Stockport NHS Foundation Trust faces not only a substantial six figure compensation bill for the victims’ families, but also questions as to how Chua came to pass the regulatory checks required to fulfil the position of care. During a criminal investigation, detectives have raised questions as to the validity of Chua’s records of qualification and employment which allowed him to register on The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and gain employment as a nurse.

In the healthcare sector where the health and wellbeing of the patient is the first and foremost priority, it is shocking that there is a scope for inadequately trained people to manipulate the system, occupying trusted positions of care. The insufficient training of health care professionals or inadequate knowledge is a leading cause of medical negligence claims, an unacceptable outcome in what is considered to be a highly regulated industry.

Although the circumstances regarding the Stepping Hill cases are very rare, they have brought medical negligence claims into the spotlight. Sadly, medical negligence occurs on an almost daily basis in the UK; whether due to malpractice, negligence or errors.

The impact of medical negligence can be devastating, especially in instances such as this where the harm caused is a deliberate attempt on an individual’s life. Although securing a settlement can never fully compensate the victims for the pain they have endured, they can help families attain a sense of justice.

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