A tragic headline drew my attention this week that highlighted the severity of medical negligence cases and the devastating impact they can have on victims and their families’ lives. In this particularly sombre case, a 22 year old woman suffered severe brain damage due to a number of serious faults committed by the Royal Salford Hospital NHS Trust.

The details of the incident transpire as follows. The woman was admitted to Salford Royal Hospital after suffering from complications as the result of an ectopic pregnancy where she was placed in the care of the medics. Whilst carrying out an NHS operation, a chamber in her heart was punctured causing the victim to fall into cardiac arrest. Unfortunately by the time the medics had revived the victim she has suffered permeant and severe brain damage, now requiring round the clock care and support as a result.

In this incident, the victim’s mother pursued a compensation claim against Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust claiming for a loss of earnings on behalf of her daughter as well as future care costs and other monetary requirements. A settlement totalling £8 million was agreed this week.

Medical negligence claims such as this are highly complex, requiring technical skill and focus in order to fully evaluate the needs of the injured party and negotiate a settlement accordingly. Salford Royal NHS Foundation admitted liability and the claim was eventually resolved outside of the courts. As a result the woman, described as being ‘full of life’ before the operation, will now be able to receive lifelong medical care and support ensuring she has the best quality of life available to her.

For many families, pursuing a medical negligence claim is about bringing those responsible for the injuries sustained to account, as well as achieving a settlement to assist in ongoing care and medical costs. In turn this not only allows the families to gain a sense of closure, but can also prevent the incident from reoccurring. Following the incident, there has been media scrutiny regarding the levels of care inherent within Salford Royal Hospital’s maternity wards.

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