Mrs Y approached Farleys’ personal injury team about the possibility of making a claim for compensation after she suffered injuries as a result of an accident in a supermarket.


Mrs Y was shopping in her local supermarket when she turned around and fell over a loading trolley which had been left at the end of an aisle.

She suffered injuries to her knees, ankles, hip, and groin, as well as an exacerbation of carpel tunnel symptoms. Mrs Y was in her 50s and her injuries meant she required assistance from her family at home following the accident.

How Farleys were able to help

Mrs Y instructed Holly Barnes of Farleys’ personal injury team to act on her behalf in a claim for compensation against the supermarket who had been negligent to customer safety by leaving the loading trolley where they did.

Holly secured an admission of liability from the supermarket within three weeks, a good timeframe for these types of claims. She also instructed multiple independent medical experts to report on the extent of Mrs Y’s injuries, the treatment needed and the time-frame for her recovery.

Holly was able to secure a general interim payment for Mrs Y while the claim was progressing before recovering a total in excess of £12,500. This included damages for injuries, care and assistance from family and friends, and future losses for potential treatment.

Holly Barnes commented,

This was an unfortunate accident during an everyday activity which left Mrs Y with injuries for which she needed treatment and assistance. We were pleased to have been able to secure these damages for her and wish her all the best in her recovery.

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