The inquest into the death of Roy Sanderson at Royal Blackburn Hospital found that neglect contributed to his death.

Mr Sanderson presented to Royal Blackburn Hospital on 26th April 2018 suffering from tenderness in his calf, leaving him struggling to walk. He had previously had a successful bypass operation in his leg, however, a clot had developed, meaning that blood was unable to pass to the foot.

Thrombolysis treatment was attempted, however, was unsuccessful. This resulted in the need to carry out an above knee amputation, to ensure that as much of Roy’s leg was saved as possible, whilst ensuring that blood circulation and supply was restored.

Following amputation, Roy sadly developed an e-coli infection. He was prescribed antibiotics, however, no effective treatment was provided by treating hospital staff from 26th June to 20th August 2018, as the e-coli infection was resistant to the particular medication prescribed.

East Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust admitted that a failure to discuss nasogastric feeding on any of the 14 dietic appointments up to Roy’s death was a serious failing. They admitted that this was repetitive and that malnutrition would have had a significant effect on Roy’s chances of survival and the time of his death.

The inquest took place at City Hall, Preston on 11th October – 13th October 2021, in front of HM Senior Coroner Dr Adeley.

Dr Adeley found that both the omission regarding the antibiotics prescribed and the admitted failure relating to nasogastric feeding both met the test of neglect. He went on to say that, had Roy been continued on his original antibiotic medication, ‘he would not have died at the same time.’

Roy’s family were represented by Kelly Darlington of Farleys Solicitors and Simon Murray of St Johns Buildings.

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