It is estimated that up to 100 billion apps were downloaded in 2013, generating more than £10 billion worth of business in the European Union alone. By 2017 it is estimated that this will double to over 200 billion apps per year.

For businesses, apps are a great way of connecting with customers and securing their loyalty, whilst for others the app itself is the business.

Given their importance, it is surprising how often disputes arise between developers and customers where the lack of a clear development agreement leads to misunderstandings. Ideally, a clear development agreement with a detailed specification should be in place. This will ensure the developer knows what is expected from them and the customer knows what to expect as an end product. The agreement should cover (amongst other things):

  • Price and payment;
  • Timescales for delivery and implementation;
  • Testing and approval procedures (“pre-go-live testing”);
  • Ownership of Intellectual Property;
  • (Terms of ongoing maintenance and support;
  • Data protection;
  • Extent and limitations of liability;
  • Ground for termination and remedies in the event of breach


Our team of commercial law solicitors has experience in all types of IT contracts and an understanding of the issues that can occur when software and websites are being developed. We can prepare tailored app development agreements so that the focus stay rightly on the development of the app, rather than in trying to decipher what terms had been agreed at the outset.

If it is too late however and you are in the midst of a disagreement about the development of a website or app, our commercial dispute lawyers can also assist.

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