A survey of almost 1500 patients, GPs and clinicians was carried out by the University of Cambridge between April and July 2021. Even though virtual appointments were found to be more convenient than face-to-face appointments, they were also found to be less accurate.

86% of patients rated phone and video appointments worse than face-to-face appointments for accuracy of diagnosis.

93% of clinicians felt that remote appointments were worse than face-to-face appointments in terms of accuracy and some felt that remote medicine increased health inequalities and barriers to accessing appropriate care.

It has also been found that many patients are having trouble getting hold of their GP by telephone and are facing significant waiting times just to get through to a receptionist. Face-to-face GP consultations are now at 61%, down from 80% prior to the pandemic.

The Government recently revealed a £250 million plan to tackle the problem and doctors are now unable to deny patients a face-to-face appointment unless there is a good clinical reason.

Unfortunately, the plan may be too late for some patients as misdiagnoses have already taken place across the country, some having devastating effects.

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