Accidents at work are very common, and injuries don’t just occur at workplaces that are perceived as being hazardous – such as factories, farms or warehouses. In fact workplace injuries can arise from simple trips and slips on wet floors, through to falls from step ladders or as a result of items falling onto employees. Each of these scenarios could as easily happen in an office as in a ‘dangerous’ place of work.

If you are hurt at work, there are certain things you should consider and steps you may wish to take.

Get treatment
If you are injured, you should seek immediate treatment. If your injuries are serious, do not attempt to move but try to contact a fellow employee and if necessary ask them to call an ambulance. If your injury does not warrant a trip to hospital, you should still consider visiting your GP. This is because you may have caused more damage than you think, but also because it will also help you to establish that your injury was caused at the workplace, if you later decide to bring a claim.

Report your injury
Your workplace should have an accident book to record all injuries suffered at the premises. Make sure you report the incident, and ensure that it is recorded in the book.

Common injuries
There many different scenarios that can cause injuries in the workplace, but there are a few particularly common ones.

Manual handling incidents occur frequently and can cause injuries to the feet and shoulders as a result of poor lifting techniques or items being dropped. Work traffic incidents including collisions, crush injuries or falls from vehicles may cause damage to limbs including feet, knees and hands. Trips and slips can result in injuries to hands (in particular wrists), shoulders, legs, knees and ankles.

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