Our family law department has seen a marked increase in the number of clients enquiring about divorce over the past two months. September and October are traditionally busy months for new divorce enquiries in the post-summer holidays period. This year, however, our family lawyers have not only seen the usual increase in the number of enquiries, but have also noted an increase on last year’s figures.

The summer holiday can be seen as a ‘last ditch attempt’ by some couples to try and keep the marriage and the family together. But when this doesn’t happen, or indeed when they return home and find that in fact nothing has changed, this often acts as the impetus for action to be taken.

The reason behind the increase this year as opposed to last year is perhaps more difficult to explain, but one reason is perhaps that couples are no longer delaying proceedings because of the recession. A recent survey has reported that this seems to be the case across the country, as couples are deciding to make the move and exit an unhappy marriage regardless of whether the economy will have an impact on the ‘marital pot’ available when dividing assets.

For more information about the options available to couples when it comes to divorce and separation, our experienced family law team are able to advise you with a free initial consultation.

By Antonia Love, Lancashire Divorce Solicitor