A new report has revealed that the number of deaths caused by accidents on the roads in the UK has increased in the last year. According to the figures, the number of deaths increased to 1,901 last year – the first increase since 2003. The report, by the Transport Select Committee, also indicates that road deaths are now the foremost cause of death amongst 16-24 year olds, which has led to calls for ministers to undertake a review of road safety.

The government have faced a raft of criticism following the release of the figures and the Transport Select Committee have called for an explanation as to why these increases have occurred.

In addition to the overall rise in deaths, the statistics also revealed that the highest increase in deaths during the period was seen in pedestrians – a group often overlooked when it comes to road traffic accidents.

These figures clearly highlight the need for the government to spend more time and resources on road safety. The worrying increase in the 16-24 year age group suggests that there is something missing within the current system of training young drivers; with a need for a concerted effort to promote safer driving.

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