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Hand Arm Vibration Claims

Hand Arm Vibration Claims

When left undiagnosed hand arm vibration can develop into severe disabling illness that unfortunately affects thousands of industrial workers each year. The disease, which is caused by excessive exposure to vibration, is therefore a major occupational concern within the manufacturing and construction injury.

Hand arm vibration is just one of many industrial illnesses that can have a devastating impact on your daily life. Our solicitors understand the emotional and physical distress our clients face which is why we work tirelessly on their behalf to attain a successful settlement and access to expert medical treatment. To speak to a solicitor who specialises in industrial disease claims contact Farleys on 0333 331 4802, alternatively please complete an online enquiry form.

Symptoms of Hand Vibration Syndrome

In order for employees to spot potential hand vibration syndrome, it is essential that employees are aware of what symptoms to look out for. Early diagnosis is essential in minimising nerve and muscle damage, as in serious cases, loss or reduced mobility in the hands and fingers can be a long-standing result.

Symptoms of hand arm vibration syndrome can be aggravated by environmental conditions such as cold weather, severely limiting the ability of employees who work on exposed or outdoor sites during the winter months. If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms we encourage you to speak to your GP regarding your concerns:

  • Numbness or tingling in the fingertips;
  • A cold sensation in the fingers;
  • Whitening of the skin around the affected area (fingers and knuckles).

The effects of these symptoms can be experienced in home life and sufferers may notice difficulty sleeping, as well as a loss of sensation in the fingers when picking up objects.

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Pursuing a Hand & Arm Vibration Claim

Whilst there are a number of regulations in place to safeguard the welfare of employees, there are still instances where employers fail to comply with the prescribed standard of care. Under The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005, business owners must undertake a regular assessment of risk as well as ensuring workers were not exposed to the maximum limit when undertaking activities involving vibrating or mobile machinery.

Where it can be proven that an employer has neglected their duty of care sufferers may be eligible to pursue a claim for compensation. As with the majority of occupational illness cases, those wishing to pursue compensation must do so within the statutory time limit. Sufferers should formally begin claims proceedings within three years of diagnosis, failure to do so will severely restrict the eligibility of your case and consequently the possibility of receiving a just settlement.

Here at Farleys our experienced solicitors make the claims process straightforward and simple, supporting our clients through the duration of the process. Our priority is ensuring you receive a settlement that will allow you to retain the same quality of life you had before developing the illness which is why we pursue all claims on a no win no fee basis.

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