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Personal Injury case studies farleys solicitors
Personal Injury case studies farleys solicitors

Fall from Balcony – Ms M Awarded in Excess of £35,000

Ms M was involved in an extremely serious accident at home. She fell from a collapsed balcony which her Landlord had failed to properly maintain. Ms M was taken by Ambulance to Hospital and was kept overnight due to the severity of injuries sustained.

Previous to the incident Ms M had a significant pre-existing problem with her spine and in the accident suffered further extensive soft tissue injuries. The injuries to Ms M’s neck, middle and lower back were so severe that she suffered from symptoms sometime after the incident occurred.


How Farleys’ Specialist Personal Injury Team Helped

Initially, Ms M appointed Solicitors local to her to act on her behalf. However, she was unhappy with the advice she received and was recommended to Farleys Solicitors. Upon contacting Farleys our dedicated team began work immediately acting on behalf of Ms M in pursuing the insurers of her Landlord for damages for the injuries and other losses sustained.

Following this Farleys secured substantial medical evidence from an Orthopaedic Surgeon to show the extent of the injuries Ms M sustained from the fall. Farleys also arranged for Ms M to receive a number of interim payments to facilitate physiotherapy treatment whilst waiting for the case to be settled.

In this instant the representatives of the Defendant were not prepared to make appropriate offers to settle Ms M’s claim. The initial offer of settlement was in the sum of £3000. Dissatisfied with this offer Farleys’ personal injury team issued Court Proceedings on behalf of Ms M, working tirelessly to secure the appropriate settlement.

The Defendant obtained their own medical evidence and Farleys prepared detailed Statements for Ms M and her family members in support of her claim. A claim was put forward to the Defendant for Ms M’s injuries, the time spent by her friends and family members in looking after her after the accident, her out-of-pocket expenses and a claim for handicap on the open labour market due to the potential negative effect of the accident upon Ms M’s ability to work in the future.

Despite the unhelpful approach adopted by the representatives of the Defendant, Nick continued to pursue the matter on behalf of Ms M and ultimately secured damages in excess of £35,000 to reflect the severity of the injuries sustained.


Contact a Specialist in Slip, Trip and Fall Claims

The case was a prime example of the importance of seeking proper representation even in circumstances where a Solicitor has already been appointed, but where the Claimant believes that the representative is not doing their job properly. It also highlights the importance of a suitably qualified Solicitor representing Claimants who have suffered life changing injuries in an accident so that all of the effects of the accident are taken into account when attempting to reach a settlement with the representative of the Defendant.

For further information or to speak to a solicitor who specialises in slip, trip and fall claims please don’t hesitate contact Farleys on 0845 050 1958.

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