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Personal Injury Farleys Solicitors LLP
Personal Injury Farleys Solicitors LLP

Blackburn Road Traffic Accident Claim – Mr X Awarded £35,000

Mr X was the innocent victim of a road traffic accident close to his home in Blackburn when another car coming at speed off the motorway cut across his path on a roundabout. Mr X suffered severe whiplash injuries to his neck, shoulders and back. His car was recovered from the scene of the accident in Blackburn whilst he attended A&E.

Mr X already had pre-existing back problems and had had two operations on his lower back. The accident made his condition much worse and Mr X is in constant pain and now has to take strong pain relieving medication. This affects his concentration and has stopped him from returning to his job as a driver. His movement is very restricted making everyday tasks difficult. He can no longer stand for long enough to make a cup of tea, walk his dog or attend football matches which he enjoyed before the accident.

How Farleys Were Able To Help

Mr X came to Farleys, who arranged an engineers report on the car that same day and took over the responsibility for lodging a claim with the other party’s insurers. The personal injury team also arranged for Mr X to see a doctor so that he could receive the best medical treatment as soon as possible.

The team’s expert lawyers arranged for the vehicle to be repaired and undertook all the negotiations to secure compensation sufficient to compensate Mr X for his injuries, loss of earnings and effects of the accident.

The expertise of the specialist team at Farleys Solicitors meant that the effects of the accident were identified and separated from his underlying condition.

Farleys  achieved £35,000 compensation for Mr X to help him to start to rebuild his life.

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