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Personal Injury Farleys Solicitors LLP

Accident at Work Claim – Client Awarded £100,000 Damages

Our client approached Farleys’ personal injury team following an accident at work. She instructed Nick Molyneux, Partner, to act on her behalf in recovering damages from her now former employer.

At the time of the accident, our client was working as a part-time taxi coordinator. She was walking through her place of work carrying a mug in one hand and an empty yoghurt pot in the other. Our client slipped on liquid that had previously been spilt on the floor and fell.

The mug she was holding caused lacerations to her left forearm/wrist area which required medical attention from the A&E department. She was later referred for surgery due to injury to the tendon and nerve.

Whilst the tendon was fixed in surgery, a nerve which received 40% damage in the accident was left to heal naturally.

Our client received physio but suffered long term effects including pain and limited movement as well as anxiety. She struggled with daily tasks and needed the assistance of her husband with many she had previously been able to do for herself. She also found she was unable to continue in her role as a taxi coordinator as she was unable to type quickly enough without experiencing pain and swelling at the wrist.

Farleys’ personal injury team arranged for the Claimant to be examined by a Hand Surgeon, Psychiatrist and Pain Management Consultant to assess the impact of the accident. Proceedings were issued, the case allocated to the multi-track and cost budgeting was carried out at a CCMC. Counsel (Mr Mulderig of 9 St John Street) was instructed to advise in conference on pre-action offers and then in the course of proceedings.

The case was prepared for Trial, and electronic Bundles were prepared and arrangements made for oral evidence despite the effects of COVID-19. The Defendant’s representatives then sought to make offers, and settlement was ultimately agreed the week before Trial for damages just less than £100,000.

Nick Molyneux added,

We were delighted to have achieved this settlement for our client who has experienced a number of difficulties since the accident which took place through no fault of her own. She now has the money to fund any further treatment she needs and cover any loss of earnings due to her disability.

If you have suffered an accident at work and would like to discuss the possibility of making a claim for compensation, please contact Farleys’ personal injury team today.

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