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Restraint Proceedings

Restraint Proceedings

During the course of a criminal investigation or court case, restraint proceedings, or restraint orders, are used by UK courts as a method of freezing assets that may later be confiscated.

If you have been accused of a serious fraud or business crime, you may be subjected to restraint proceedings. The solicitors at Farleys’ Special Casework Unit (SCU) possess in depth knowledge of the laws surrounding restraint orders, and can begin building a case for your defence today.


How will Restraint Proceedings affect me?

If you have been accused of money laundering, VAT fraud or any other form of serious fraud or business crime, it is possible that UK courts will seek to freeze your assets via a restraint order.
If you are subjected to restraint proceedings, they will prevent you or anyone else from dealing with or accessing your assets.
Normally, the individual accused of the fraud or business crime will be allowed to draw a weekly allowance until such time as the restraint order is lifted or the assets are seized.

What if the allowance isn't enough?

Farleys' restraint order solicitors will be able to negotiate with the prosecuting authority and courts for an increase in the allowance amount, provided they can prove that the current amount is insufficient to meet the basic needs of the individual in question and their family.

Legal Advice on Restraint Proceedings

If you are worried about the repercussions of restraint proceedings, contact the solicitors at Farleys’ SCU. We can:

  • Provide legal advice on the restraint order
  • Prepare statements for the courts detailing your assets, and represent you
  • Negotiate on your behalf for an increase in allowance amounts

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