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Actions against the Police Farleys Solicitors LLP
Actions against the Police Farleys Solicitors LLP

Blackburn Misfeasance – Mr K Awarded £12,500

Mr K was transporting a car shell, which he had purchased via Ebay, to his home using a hired recovery truck. As he was doing so, he was stopped by police officers of Lancashire Constabulary and arrested as the car shell had been stolen. Following further investigations, Mr K was able to show where he had purchased the shell and was released with no further action.

During the course of their investigation the police seized a number of car parts from Mr K’s home, as well as the car shell. These items were then later sold by the police in error with the car shell, despite the fact that they still belonged to Mr K, and he lost thousands of pounds worth of property as a result.

How Farleys Specialist Solicitors Were Able To Help

From the outset of the claim Lancashire Constabulary accepted that the parts should not have been sold.

The difficulty that Mr K faced was proving exactly how much the parts cost and therefore how much he had lost in total. This was achieved through obtaining invoices for every item that he had to replace and itemising these losses in a detailed schedule.

The claim was issued at court, but as a result of firm and effective negotiations with the Defendant, the claim was settled in the Mr K’s favour quickly without the need for him to go to court.

The Defendant initially made an offer of £300 in an attempt to settle the claim.

Farleys ensured that all of the parts sold were accounted for by way of detailed documentary evidence and after a lengthy negotiation process we were able to secure a positive settlement on behalf of our client. The claim settled for £12,500 which included compensation for storage costs the Claimant had to incur whilst he replaced the parts for his vehicle. In addition, the Claimant’s legal costs were successfully recovered from the Defendant.

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