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Abuse Claims Farleys Solicitors
Abuse Claims Farleys Solicitors

Client J receives £30,000 following sexual abuse at boarding school

Client J instructed Farleys’ specialist abuse solicitors  having suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a housemaster whilst at school. This client was over 40 years of age when he instructed Farleys and had only recently been able to assist the Police in their prosecution of the offender.

The abuse went on for a period of about 18 months and happened two to three times per week. The Client was forced to masturbate the housemaster and was also touched by him.

At the time our client was unable to talk to anybody about what was happening because of the shame and embarrassment he felt. He went on to question his own sexuality and suffered trust issues in later life. He had had counselling and was prompted to report the matter to the Police partly because of the recent publicity in relation to similar abuse scandals and partly following a Facebook conversation with an ex colleague who had also been abused.

How Farleys’ Abuse Law experts were able to help

The perpetrator had been sentenced to a two year prison term for abusing our client and other boys at the school and as soon as instructions were received therefore we were able to send a Letter of Claim to the Local Education Authority.

Farleys were able to put a hold on limitation and then collected all the information necessary to prove the Client’s case. This included GP and Hospital records, Social Services records and evidence of the conviction of the abuser and the Statement given to the Police by the client. We even obtained his video interview and considered this in support of the case.

An independent psychiatric expert was instructed alongside one of the Country’s leading Barristers in this area of work, Mr Justin Levinson.

As a result of the combined efforts of the client’s legal team he received an award of £30,000 to compensate him for the abuse that he suffered and his subsequent psychiatric injury.

The difficulties in the claim as with any historic abuse claim involved the client’s delay in progressing the claim when he was younger, proving the extent of the abuse that he suffered and establishing the extent of the subsequent psychiatric injury. Our client was delighted with the award achieved, which exceeded his expectations.

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