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Debt Advice Recovery Farleys Solicitors
Debt Advice Recovery Farleys Solicitors

1. Recovering What’s Owed

Recovering What's Owed

At Farleys, we understand the difficulties UK businesses face when attempting to recover outstanding debts. The specialist debt recovery solicitors at Farleys are capable of guiding you through the intricacies of debt recovery law, providing in-depth legal advice at every stage of the process, ensuring you recoup all your outstanding funds.

What Debt Recovery Action Should Businesses Take, and When?

When faced with the need for action on debt recovery, choosing the appropriate course can be a daunting task. Your decision will depend upon, amongst other things:

  • the size of the debt;
  • your attitude towards the debt;
  • whether you wish to maintain a good working relationship with the debtor;
  • whether the debt is disputed;
  • the cost and speed of recovery.

Over the course of this guide, we will outline the stages involved in the debt recovery process. Once you have read the advice on offer online, we recommend you get in touch to discuss your case further.

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