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Commercial Litigation Farleys Solicitors LLP
Commercial Litigation Farleys Solicitors LLP

UNCITRAL Arbitration concluded by Consent Award

Farleys’ Arbitration Team was retained to act on behalf of a Manchester headquartered company who provide independent management consultancy services to major global programmes (C1).

C1 had contracted with a FTSE 100 leading European company (D1) with an annual revenue in excess of £5 billion.

C1 claimed unpaid invoices and damages for breach of contract against D1 for a sum in excess of £1 million. D1 denied any liability to C1 and advanced a positive case that C1 was in fact liable to D1 for significant damages due to alleged shortcomings in the services C1 had provided.

C1 commenced arbitration proceedings under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules on 9th September 2019. Following extensive negotiations, Farleys were able to conclude a deal within 3 months of the arbitration commencement with the parties agreeing a Consent Award whereby C1 recovered 98% of losses and damages claimed within the arbitral proceedings.

Commenting on the successful conclusion to the dispute, C1 stated,


We have appreciated all the assistance and advice [the Farleys’ Team] have given and for being available to quieten our fear and concerns as the case unfolded. Good communication and expertise is always key and [Farleys] have provided those throughout the case and it has been very much appreciated


Farleys’ arbitration team has extensive experience guiding clients through the arbitral process, providing comprehensive advice throughout. We can also act in post-arbitral proceedings such as appeals and the enforcement of awards. If you are in a commercial dispute and wish to avoid litigation, speak to Farleys’ arbitration team today on 0845 287 0939 or email us.

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