The innovation of technology has had an undeniable impact on every aspect of our lives, from granting us access to a wealth of information at the touch of a button, to allowing us to stay connected with family and friends where ever they may be. Along with much of the western world we have become dependant on technology, experiencing and enjoying the multitude of benefits it affords us. However is there a darker side to our reliance that is harming our personal relationships?

Take social media for example, recent research conducted has revealed that social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook pose a serious threat to marriages and relationships, forming a fundamental factor in reasons for a divorce. Social media its self was originally founded upon a concept of allowing people to maintain strong relationships connecting people instantly, so how is it a tool invented to unite one another is now a leading cause in the breakdown of marriages?

In a society where our personal lives are becoming increasingly public, as we willing share our daily activities with hundreds of people it is perhaps not hard to see how social media can have a negative impact. Further research from the study revealed that one in seven of the couple surveyed had considered divorce due to their partners posting on social media. One in five couples also stated that it caused rows in their household on a daily basis.

With the evidence presented it hard to deny the detrimental affects social media can have for struggling couples, especially where a partner harbours fears or suspicions regarding their spouses behaviour. Increasingly sites such as Facebook and Twitter are being used as tools to police the others actions, monitoring who they have been talking. For couples battling with trust issues this is merely adding fuel to the fire, with 14 percent admitting they looked at their partner’s social media with the aim of detecting evidence of unfaithfulness.

For struggling couples who wish to work through their issues consulting a marital counsellor or confiding in a trusted person can help you to identify underlying problems and what can be done to fix them. Temporarily deactivating social media accounts can also give help in giving you the clarity and space to focus on repairing bridges between you and your partner, without the constant interruption of one another’s online activity.

Unfortunately, not all relationships or marriages are successful. In the event that such relationships fail, as well as the emotional upset involved there are practical issues to consider. If you are going through a divorce our specialist family lawyers are on hand to provide expert legal assistance. For further information please call 0845 050 1958 or fill out the online enquiry form.