Farleys presently act for the family of Anthony Grainger, who was shot dead by a Greater Manchester Police Officer in March 2012. At the time of his killing he was sitting in an Audi estate car on a car park in Culcheth with friends. He was unarmed.

Some four years after his death this is about as much as we know. There have been significant delays in the IPCC investigating the death. There were delays in the decision on whether to prosecute the shooter. There were delays as criminal proceedings were brought against the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police which were then discontinued at Trial. There has been a further delay of nearly fifteen months between the conclusion of the criminal proceedings and the Home Secretary’s decision to hold a Public Inquiry. The family were calling for a Public Inquiry as soon as it became apparent that there was extensive secret material in this case which was the ultimate reason why the prosecution of the Chief Constable did not proceed.

We are now four years on from Anthony’s death and the resolve of the family for a full and transparent Inquiry with no cover ups has not weakened. The family remain determined to see this to its conclusion and welcome the decision to hold an Inquiry. Had Teresa May refused the petition for a Public Inquiry, Judicial Review Proceedings would have ensued. The legal team in the Litvinenko Inquest had to take this step when their initial request for a Public Inquiry was refused. The family are therefore pleased that in this case the Home Secretary has agreed to the Public Inquiry without the need for the delays and expense of a Judicial Review.

The family are now focussed on ensuring that all available evidence is put before the Inquiry and that in particular the secret evidence that prevented the criminal proceedings from continuing is fully considered by the Judge leading the Public Inquiry.