Outdoor events happen all year round such as festivals, funfairs, football matches, Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas events and are the source of great joy to most. But what happens when an accident occurs at one of these events and you are injured? Who is responsible? And can you claim?

Who is responsible?

At outdoor events, site owners, organisers and contractors have a duty to ensure that anyone visiting the premises are kept safe. They must make sure that the event is kept free from defects or hazards which could cause an accident.

Examples of causes of accidents are: –

  • Poorly maintained or unsafe stages or structures
  • Overcrowding/poor crowd control
  • Loose wires or equipment
  • Human error
  • Objects falling from height (such as signs falling down)
  • Lack of, or inadequate, security

What to do if you’ve been injured?

  1. Firstly, and most importantly, seek medical attention. If you have been injured, make sure you’re assessed by on-site medics and go to A&E if needed.
  2. Take a photograph (or get someone else to take one) of the reason you are injured. So, if you are injured as a result of a loose wire, make sure to take a clear photograph as proof.
  3. Try to get details of independent witnesses who can attest to the defect or hazard.
  4. Make sure your accident is noted down in an accident book or on a form. You should ask to see a copy of the form before it is sent off, to check it has been filled in with the correct information.
  5. Keep hold of your booking confirmation or ticket as proof you attended the event.

Can you claim?

At Farleys, we operate the majority of our personal injury cases on a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement. We are happy to discuss the circumstances of any claims and will provide a free, no-obligation assessment of your case.

If you or a friend/family member has been injured in an accident at an event, contact one of our experienced team on 0845 287 0939 or complete our online contact form.