A RECENT online poll of 36,000 prospective purchasers has revealed that only 33% of house buyers consider Home Information Packs (HIPs) to be of assistance to the process.

35 per cent thought they were an actual hindrance, whilst the remaining 32% were unsure. The survey, by a large conveyancing company, was carried out between January and July this year.

The news of the survey comes days after Paul Broadhead, deputy director of the Association of Home Information Pack Providers, insisted that HIPs had delivered “real benefits” by cutting the time taken before exchange.

Farleys’ Property Partner, Chris Porter comments: “You only have to read the press to know that there is still a considerable amount of public mistrust and uncertainty over HIPS. It is vital that during the current market slowdown, due mainly to lending restrictions, that we seek out new ways of simplifying and speeding up the conveyancing process.

The problem is that buyers, and indeed many lawyers perceive HIPS as time consuming, expensive, ill thought out and something which has been forced onto an unwilling public.

The government’s original goal of increasing the efficiency of the house buying process has not materialised and I have seen no real evidence of a reduction in time taken before exchange.”

Farleys have set up their own HIP service to ensure that the firm’s clients are given the opportunity to obtain a HIP at a reasonable price, given as some HIP suppliers are charging excessive rates for what is a relatively simple process.

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