The recently published statistics for divorce work in England and Wales has shown that the number of divorces in 2012 increased from the previous year.

The Office for National Statistics confirms that there were 118,140 divorces in 2012 – an increase of 0.5% since 2011.  The number of civil partnership dissolutions also increased.

At Farleys, we have seen a rise in new instructions – the majority of people seeking our advice feel that there is a renewed sense of confidence following the harsh effects of the recession at its peak.  In addition, given that people are living longer, healthier lives, some older people tell us that they wish to pursue other relationships and don’t feel compelled to stay together in their old age.

Some of the most common factors relied upon within divorce petitions remain i.e. mid-life crisis, financial or money worries, emotional/physical abuse, workaholism, stress, family strain, empty nest syndrome and business difficulties.

Going through a divorce, whatever the reasons driving it, is very difficult and can be stressful.  It is vital to gain a full understanding of the process and potential outcomes before you engage in proceedings.

If you are considering divorce or separation and would like to discuss your options with an experienced family law solicitor at Farleys, please do contact one of the team.

By Antonia Love, Divorce Solicitor, Lancashire