Robbie Coltrane, better known for his part as Hagrid in Harry Potter, has been selected to play a fictional celebrity who is accused of historical sex crimes in a Channel 4 drama National Treasure, set to hit our screens later this month.

Coltrane has reported that every day another story comes to light which appals all of us and so appearing in the drama was an important thing for him to do.   When asked if it was a difficult decision to appear in the series, Coltrane reported “Not once I read the script.”

Coltrane commented that he avoided meeting Jimmy Saville as he always thought he was ‘creepy’ and wondered what kind of culture was going on that allowed Saville to get away with it for as long as he did?

Earlier this year Dame Janet Smith’s review concluded that at least 72 people were sexually abused by Saville in connection with his work at the BBC, and the corporation missed opportunities to stop his abuse because of a “culture of fear.”

Coltrane has been left appalled by historical sex abuse and hopes with the advances in communication social media today, hopefully similar incidents of abuse are less likely to occur.

Unfortunately as is widely reported incidents of sexual abuse remain far to prevalent.

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