The government are to launch an investigation into the sexual exploitation of children after a report by one of the country’s leading experts has claimed abuse and exploitation is prevalent throughout the country. MP’s had already outlined plans to look into child protection failings in the North West following the sentencing of nine men in Rochdale for child sex ring offences, but following the claims by England’s Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz , the Commons Home Affairs Committee is now set to launch a full enquiry.

In her comments to MP’s, Ms Berelowitz said: “What I am uncovering is that sexual exploitation of children is happening all over the country’.
Describing one particular case involving the abuse and gang rape of a young girl, the Deputy Commissioner said: “I wish I could say to you that such things are uncommon but I’m afraid they are quite common.”

According to Ms Berelowitz, the internet and in particular mobile phones are aiding the luring of girls to the designated meeting point, only to be met by abusers. Access to pornography on internet mobiles is also a factor; allowing young boys access to view pornographic material which they then go on to ‘act out’ on their victims. “Pornography on mobile phones has definitely affected children’s thresholds of what they think is normal’, Berelowitz commented.

From the large number of enquiries we receive every week from people who have been victims of abuse and sexual exploitation as children, a review of child protection in the country is long overdue.

By Jonathan Bridge, Child Abuse Claims Solicitor