A campaign has been launched in an attempt to change the rules which govern the civil partnership conversion regulations. Currently, the legislation which is to be introduced on the 10th of December will allow couples to convert their civil partnership into marriage. Those wishing to convert their civil partnership to a marriage will be denied the opportunity to enjoy a full wedding celebration in front of friends and family.

Under the legislation as it stands, those wishing to formally convert to marriage are not able to do so at a formal ceremony in a church but will only be able to attend a Register Office to obtain a ‘certificate of conversion’. Critics have branded this as unromantic and administrative.

The petition to amend the regulations attached to the marriage of same sex couples is led by two equal rights campaigners who have gained 40,000 signatures supporting the proposed changes. Since its launch the campaign has gained national attention; sparking a review into the current restrictions. A Government spokesperson commented: ‘We have listened to a range of views on the conversion process and we are looking again at draft regulations.’

Ultimately the campaign aims to lift the restrictions that dictate the rules on the time and place the union can be held, and those allowed to witness. The law surrounding gay marriage has progressed immensely over the previous year with the first same sex marriage to be held in a church having taken place in April. Campaigners hope this progress will continue allowing all couples the opportunity to enjoy a church wedding.

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