Labour MP, Mr John Mann has called for two suspicious murders of potential child abuse whistleblowers to be included as part of the Child Abuse Inquiry and the police investigation into sex rings.

Mr Mann has put forward the names of 22 politicians who are suspected child sex abusers and has called for extra police resources to look into the suspicious killings which occurred 30 years ago. He has also disclosed information to the police about three current MPs and also three members of the House of Lords. Mr Mann has intervened following renewed concerns of Theresa May’s handling of the stalled inquiry. It has been recently stipulated that the conduct of the Home Office had been so inept, that there were rising suspicions of an establishment cover-up. Mr Mann has further asked police to investigate the continuing claims of a cover-up.

Mr Mann has called for the murder of a civil servant at Lambeth Council to be included as part of the child abuse inquiry. Mr Bulic Forsythe, was beaten to death at his flat in 1993. He had reportedly disclosed to a colleague that he was aware of a sex ring that was in operation at a number of children’s homes. During the investigation of his death, the police confirmed that documents had been taken from his home. The case was shown as a Crimewatch reconstruction and police appeals were made to assist with the tracking down of three smartly dressed men, who left the flat the day after the murder. Sadly, the case remains unsolved to this day.

The other murder that Mr Mann wishes to form part of the investigations; is the reported murder of o a caretaker, which occurred a few years prior to the murder of Mr Forsythe. The caretaker was killed in an arson attack shortly after disclosing that he had obtained videos of child sex parties.

Mr Mann has raised concerns surrounding the deaths stating that;

“Both of them were people who were blowing the whistle on child abuse, for whatever reason, and were suspicious deaths,”

Six months ago, a panel to investigate the sex abuse claims was set up by Theresa May. However, since the panel’s formation, two chairs have been forced to resign and the chances of it being finalised and reported before the next election appear to be slim. The Home Secretary has also recently confirmed that the panel could be disbanded.

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