Graham & Brown has announced jobs are at risk of redundancy after announcing plans to close its manufacturing site at India Mill in Blackburn, Lancashire.

The wallpaper company has reported that the site closure could lead to the loss of 100 jobs.  Redundancies are expected.

Graham & Brown, was founded in Blackburn in 1946; and currently employs around 400 people, with approximately 325 based in the UK.

It has been reported that the company is looking to move the production of traditional wallcoverings to “strategic” manufacturing partners in Europe and says the closure of the Blackburn site is in response to “changing customer demand”.

It is understood that the family business has started a consultation process with workers potentially impacted, during which it would be exploring “viable alternatives” to avoid or reduce job losses, if possible.

The announcement has understandably had an unsettling effect on employees of Graham & Brown as some are now left with an uncertain future at the company.

If you are an employee of Graham & Brown affected by this announcement; or if you are an employee faced with the threat of redundancy it is crucial that you understand your legal position and the options available to you.

In respect of redundancy; you should be aware of your entitlements, including notice pay and statutory redundancy pay, which should be stated in your written contract of employment. If you are unsure you should obtain the relevant documentation detailing your entitlements in such situations and the correct company procedures. The company may also have a contractual redundancy policy entitling you to enhanced payments.

You may also benefit from legal advice in respect of suitable alternative employment and your rights in respect of refusal of other roles and places of work.

In cases like this, where the company potentially may have to consult over 20 employees, collective consultation applies. Your employer has a series of set processes that it must adhere to. They are bound by law to follow these procedures including regarding fair selection and consultation.

Understanding your legal position and options at an early stage may give you scope to protect your position at work or to negotiate an increased redundancy package.

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