Michael Hoolickin, a young father aged 27, sadly died on 17th October 2016 having been murdered outside a pub in Middleton, Manchester.  He was trying to prevent an assault on a woman.

Although the criminal proceedings resulted in a conviction for murder, there are matters to be explored at the Inquest in relation to the National Probation Service’s involvement in the supervision of the offender prior to the tragic incident that led to Michael’s death.

The Inquest will consider the management of the offender whilst he was under the National Probation Service and whether he was supervised appropriately.

Michael’s parents, Garry and Lesley, said on behalf of the family:

“We have a number of questions we want answers to and we hope that the Inquest process will provide these. We want to make sure that any lessons that need to be learned are acted upon.

“Nothing can bring Michael back, so all we can hope for now is a change in the supervision and management of offenders so that no other family has to go through this.”

The family is represented by Kelly Darlington of Farleys Solicitors LLP and Una Morris of Garden Court Chambers.