An inquest into the death of Steven Harwood was held at the Old Courthouse in Hatfield, concluding that Mr Harwood died following an intentional overdose.

Steven Harwood, 47, was sadly found dead by his mother, Sandra, on October 13 2017.

Mr Harwood had been struggling with anxiety and depression following the death of his father in 1992 and in 2013 he told a doctor that he was struggling to come to terms with a friend who had been murdered.

Medical records read out by HM Coroner Mr Geoffrey Sullivan revealed that in 1990 Mr Harwood had taken a drug overdose. He had attended Wrafton House Surgery from 2002 to 2017 due to his mental health; however, although he was offered help, he would often refuse.

On October 12, Mr Harwood asked his ex-partner to not disturb him when she returned from work as he would be sleeping. On October 13, she noticed his door was slightly ajar and his curtains were drawn but she did not enter his room.

Mr Harwood’s mother visited him on October 12 as he had told her that he had a bad stomach. Having not heard from him the following day, she went to his apartment to check on him, letting herself in as no-one answered the door.

She went to his room and found him on the bed. She immediately called an ambulance and paramedics shortly arrived, pronouncing Steven dead at 6.22pm.

Police conducted a search of the flat and found no evidence of any illegal substances, however, a post-mortem revealed traces of heroin in his system.

Written in black marker on his wardrobe door was “my last statement, better times to come.”

The Coroner categorised the death as an intended suicide, concluding: “Steven Harwood sadly died after intentionally taking an overdose with the intent to take his own life.”

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