Maylyn Couperthwaite, aged 52, sadly died on 7th February 2016, having been stabbed by her neighbour at her home.

Although the criminal proceedings resulted in a conviction for manslaughter, there are matters to be explored at the Inquest in relation to the involvement of various agencies with the offender prior to the tragic incident that led to Maylyn’s death.

Bury Metropolitan Borough Council, Six Town Housing, Greater Manchester Police and Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust are Properly Interested Persons in this inquest.

The Inquest will consider how information about the offender and the risks that he may have presented was shared between these agencies and whether there was a missed opportunity to prevent the incident from occurring.

Maylyn’s Mother, Audrey, said;

“I have many questions around what happened to my daughter and why it was allowed to happen. I miss her deeply and she should still be here with me today. I hope this doesn’t ever happen to another family and all I can hope for now is that positive changes come out of this tragedy.”

Kelly Darlington, solicitor for the family, said;

“Maylyn’s death has raised many questions around how the offender’s risk was shared between agencies in light of a significant history of concerns surrounding his mental health and behaviour. It is hoped that the inquest will provide proper scrutiny of the circumstances surrounding Maylyn’s death and that any lessons learned are acted upon by the state agencies involved to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

The family is represented by Kelly Darlington of Farleys Solicitors LLP and Chloe Murray of Cobden House Chambers.