A trip to the hairdresser is something that many of us look forward to. After all, their hair is their crowning glory for some people, and they work hard to keep it looking its best. A visit to the salon can be a real treat and a chance to relax while a professional transforms your locks with a colour refresh, a trim or creating a completely new look.

However, for some people, a visit to the hairdresser can turn into a nightmare that leaves them with severely damaged hair that can profoundly affect their lives. We aren’t just talking about a few split ends, or the hairdresser has taken off more length than we wanted. Unfortunately for some, they are left with burns, cuts or hair damage caused by using the wrong products.

What is hair damage?

Hair damage is anything that has negatively affected the health and condition of your hair. You may have been left with bald patches, brittle hair, dermatitis on your scalp or even burnt hair from equipment or chemicals. This type of damage will likely affect how your hair looks and feels for a long time, and in some cases, the effects could be permanent. Once the hair has been severely damaged, it can often become so fragile it is prone to breakage, leaving it frizzy, unhealthy looking and prone to further damage. While certain hair care treatments can help replenish some of the lost moisture from damaged hair, nothing can truly reverse the damage caused.

How can hair damage impact your life?

For some people, the damage can go far beyond the state of their hair. Hair that’s been cut badly, frazzled by heat or chemicals or simply a cut or colour that is not what the client asked for can profoundly affect their mental state. Whether yours is long, short, curly, straight, coloured or natural, our hair impacts our personal, social and even professional lives whether we like it or not.

Our hair is part of our appearance, which has a big role to play in our daily lives. It affects our confidence, self-esteem, and how we see ourselves and believe others see us. After all, we notice when people have good or bad hair days, so presumably, they will notice ours too. Therefore, when something goes wrong with our hair, the effects can be far-reaching. It can impact our confidence and the potential of success at job interviews, spoil a special occasion and even stop you from you wanting to leave the house.

What can you do if your hair damage is someone else’s fault?

If you believe that your hairdresser has caused significant damage to your hair, you may be able to seek compensation. Call us today on 01254606008 for a chat to find out whether you have a case for seeking compensation and what your next steps are. This initial advice is entirely free.