In February, a heterosexual couple took their fight for the right to a civil partnership to the Court of Appeal having previously lost their original case in the High Court. However; they were also turned down by the Court of Appeal prompting an outpouring of criticism for the ruling. Many feel it goes against the laws of equality in the UK.

Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan objected to the “patriarchal baggage” associated with marriage but still wanted legal recognition for their 6 year relationship which led them to looking at the possibility of having a civil partnership. This idea however was blocked by the Civil Partnership Act 2004 which states that only same-sex couples are eligible to enter into a civil partnership. Having attempted to challenge this law twice, the couple have been unsuccessful.

As a result of the rulings, a petition was set up and 76,000 people have since signed it in a call for civil partnerships to be available to all.
Steinfeld stated that they only lost their appeal on a technicality of the government needing more time to make a decision and Keidan added that the Court of Appeal seemed to make it clear “the status quo cannot continue.”

This case is an interesting one that has divided opinion but, one thing is for sure, the subject isn’t going away anytime soon. They intend to now take their appeal to the Supreme Court and the final decision could change the face of marriage and civil partnerships in the UK.

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