It was revealed this week that the number of children taken into care in England during the past 12 months was 10,199.  This is the first time the figure has exceeded 10,000 and represents a 10.8% increase on the 2012-2011 figures. It has been suggested the increase in new applications to take children into care stems from the continuing impact of the Baby P tragedy.

Some good news at last!  This may sound harsh; taking children away from their parents and homes is never a pleasant situation for those involved; but it must be better than the alternative of remaining in abusive situations or being left to suffer neglect.

Although a positive step in the right direction, the wider implications of the increase of children in care needs to be considered. My fear is that with reduced funding and increased strain on the system as a result of the increase, there will be less help available to families when problems in the home first come to the surface.

Despite the significant increase in care applications made, there are still a vast number of cases, both current and historical, whereby social service have failed to act quickly enough; leaving children in abusive homes; vulnerable to danger despite there being clear signs that abuse is taking place. The abuse department at Farleys Solicitors specialise pursuing claims against social services on behalf of abused children. For more information or to discuss your circumstances in complete confidence, please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialist abuse solicitors.