GMP’s apology on Rochdale is too little too late

A report has been produced today into the role of Greater Manchester Police in the Rochdale child abuse scandal.

The report was prepared by GMP under the supervision of the IPCC and concludes that there were failings on the part of the Police and issues an apology to the Rochdale victims.

The report however only scratches the surface and for the victims is too little too late.

There will no disciplinary proceedings against any Police Officer. The report is purely concentrated on the role of Regional Divisional Officers rather than the hierarchy at GMP who yet again appear to have avoided any responsibility for the actions of their Officers.

I am presently acting on behalf of 3 separate abuse victims who are bringing legal proceedings against Greater Manchester Police for their failings in dealing with child abuse. I have worked closely with an ex GMP Officer, Margaret Oliver, who spoke to the Today programme on Radio 4 this morning. The points she makes are very pertinent:

  • Why has it taken 7 years for this acceptance to be put forward when the Police had known about the position for over 5 years?
  • Why does this review purely concentrate on a very specific period between 2008-2010 when we know that the Police were letting victims down before and after this?
  • Why does the report purely concentrate on the actions of Divisional Officers when the failings here went much higher?

Children in the Rochdale area have been badly let down by GMP. This report does nothing to help those victims. The children have suffered serious sexual abuse over a number of years at the hands of gangs of men and not a single Police Officer will face any disciplinary action for their failings in investigating the offences. I would echo Margaret Oliver’s call for a full enquiry in Rochdale as happened in Rotherham and that enquiry should particularly concentrate on the role of the Police and the interaction between Police and Social Services in relation to the investigation of the abuse.

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